Introducing Fountainhead, Advanced Water Data Management System

Data Collection vs. Understanding, Sharing, and Acting

Environmental data collection has become easy and inexpensive in the twenty-first century. It’s pretty routine to put a robot hydrometric logger into the bush, push the GO button, and let the numbers pile up in a database somewhere.

Foundry Spatial FountainheadMaking sense of the numbers is less routine… actually turning data into information, and getting it into the hands of the right people: government decision-makers, environmental stewards, industry explorers, researchers and other people responsible for taking action based on science.

That’s where Foundry Spatial’s award-winning Fountainhead advanced water data management system comes in:

Fountainhead is an invisible engine that rapidly retrieves vast amounts of stored environmental data, presenting it in easy-to-understand charts and graphics. Fountainhead turns complex data into meaningful information in seconds. It seamlessly connects to your environmental sensors, helping you understand what is happening today, how that compares to the past, and supports sound decision-making about the future.

How does it work?

Fountainhead rapidly and accurately accesses and aggregates your water data, then generates beautifully-presented online reports to your users, including easy-to-understand charts and graphics:

  • see current water conditions in the context of historical monitoring
  • explore how past years data compare to the present, how much variability has been observed during a customizable time period, and how different time periods compare
  • understand your data side-by-side other publicly-available monitoring networks

Getting your data safely and securely into Fountainhead is easy; we have tried-and-true methods for virtually every situation. If you have existing data archives, we load them, either from a CSV file or from the database directly. If you have SCADA data, you can post it from Librarian to an ftp site for us to collect on a regularly-scheduled basis. You don’t even need IT support; we have you covered from full integration to on-going support.

All you need is a web browser to access the power of Fountainhead’s sophisticated data analysis and rendering tools. It does all the work for you.

Technology agnostic

Fountainhead is technology agnostic, which means we can work with any kind of database, whether it is stored in the cloud, or on a local network on-site. We can make your data available publicly, or protect it for secure display to a narrowly-defined audience, depending on your needs.

What the experts say:

The tool takes millions and millions and millions of numbers and turns it into something that explains the hydrology of an area.

Allan Chapman Senior Water Resource Specialist, BC Oil and Gas Commission

This is an incredibly helpful geospatial library, providing instant access to live and archived data. Integrating data from different sources on the same screen lets me analyze and communicate like never before.

Source Water Protection Hydrologist, Government of British Columbia

What about your water data?

Fountainhead is used by federal, provincial/state and municipal governments; industries including oil and gas, mining, forestry and agriculture; environmental groups; First Nation communities; and a wide range of recreational users, including fishers, kayakers, and other adventurer lovers. A few places to see Fountainhead in action:

Cariboo Water Tool:

BC Water Portal:

Alberta Water Tool:

If you have water data that needs to be turned into meaningful, shareable, and actionable information, get in touch! We would love to learn about your needs, and set up a demonstration.