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Today we have access to more data than ever before. With the Foundry Spatial Technology Framework platform, our industry expertise combined with cutting-edge spatial analytics and machine learning methods will translate your data into actionable information and knowledge.


Water Ecology Industry
Foundry Spatial Technology Framework

Let us deliver solutions for all your data analytics and visualization needs

Foundry Spatial’s Technology Framework was created using our vast expertise in geospatial information, data science, and software development. We provide solutions in natural resource management, organizational process efficiency, disaster resource management, and a variety of other industries requiring data driven visualization. The Foundry Spatial Technology Framework is the engine behind all our solutions.

Our team is prepared to tackle any project using the Foundry Spatial Technology Framework:

  • Our agile approach to software development allows flexibility to meet the specialized needs of any custom solution
  • Our standardized approach to data integration, analytics, and user interfaces allows for additional modules to plug into the standardized technology framework to create custom solutions for our clients - this means cost savings are passed along to the customer
  • Our team has vast experience in environmental science, software development, and geospatial solutions – our mission is to work directly with our clients to provide solutions that connect people with technology, science, and data.